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Delaware Center for Musculoskeletal Research

The Delaware Center for Musculoskeletal Research (DCMR) supports basic and preclinical research on the central theme of musculoskeletal health—from the level of the joints to the actions of key cells and molecules—with emphasis on understanding the mechanisms by which physical and biological cues influence tissue structure and normal function and dysfunction, and identifying potential therapeutic interventions.

We aim to:

  • Accelerate fundamental musculoskeletal research by supporting synergistic and multidisciplinary research projects.
  • Galvanize capabilities for musculoskeletal research by establishing a Multiscale Assessments Research Core.
  • Amplify the impact of musculoskeletal research through faculty mentoring, expansion, and retention.


Accelerating Fundamental Musculoskeletal Discoveries

Translating Fundamental Discoveries to the Clinic

Award Winners

Thank you to all that attended the Musculoskeletal Research Symposium, it was a huge success!

Congratulations to our Podium and Poster Session winners:

Podium Session 1 Winners: Cody Helm and Kayla Pariser
Podium Session 2 Winners: Annie Porter and Shalini Sundar

Poster Session 1 Winners: Emily Lambeth and Thomas Manzoni
Poster Session 2 Winners: Diego Caban-Rivera and Kelechi Chukwuocha

Course Offering:

BMEG867 – Research techniques for preclinical analysis in rodents
Grading: P/F
Instructors: Gwen Talham, Christine Stinger, Millicent Sullivan
Instructor permission required
This course provides hands-on instruction to prepare student researchers to design and perform experiments involving rodent handling and rodent surgery. Key topics include ethics, regulatory considerations, animal protocol design and execution, and drug/medical device approval.


11/29/23 DCMR Research Core Lunch and Learn

11/29/23 DCMR Research Core Lunch and Learn

The DCMR Research Core is excited to host a seminar by Chris Rand from Aurora Scientific on Wed., Nov. 29th at 11am in 318 Wolf Hall.  Come and learn about techniques in characterizing muscle function using the Aurora Scientific 1300A 3-in-1 Whole Animal Muscle system...

7/25/23 Summer Lunch and Learn Seminar and Demo

7/25/23 Summer Lunch and Learn Seminar and Demo

The Delaware Center for Musculoskeletal Research Multiscale Assessments Research Core is excited to announce that we will be hosting, with our local Zeiss team, a Zeiss Axio Observer 7 AI Roadshow (flyer attached) to demonstrate the capabilities and potential uses of...

5/12/23 Spring Lunch and Learn Series

5/12/23 Spring Lunch and Learn Series

The DCMR Research Core is hosting a spring Lunch-and-Learn series based on techniques and applications focused in multimodal intravital imaging, biomechanical testing and measurement, and histology. The remainder of our series can be found below. FREE Lunch will be...


Faculty Spotlight: Emily Day

Faculty Spotlight: Emily Day

Thanks to an R35 grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), associate professor Emily Day and her research group will continue their innovative research on designing, characterizing and using unique nanoparticles to manage disease Click here for UDaily...

Faculty Spotlight: Justin Parreno

Faculty Spotlight: Justin Parreno

The Parreno Lab is unravelling the biological mechanisms linking mechanical signalling to diseases such as tendinosis Tendons are fibrous connective tissues that enable movement by transmitting mechanical forces from muscle onto bone. While tendon loading during...

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