An NIH-designated Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE)

Multiscale Assessments Research Core

Preclinical Model Lab

Christina Stinger, BS, CVT

Christina Stinger, is a certified Veterinary Technician in the Office of Lab Animal Medicine (OLAM).  For the first part of her career, Ms. Stinger worked in exotics and small animal practice and transitioned to lab animal medicine in 2008, as a vet tech and vivarium manager  at the Drexel University College of Medicine, in Philadelphia.

In the spring of 2021 she helped design and launch BMEG667: Research Techniques for Preclinical Analysis in Rodents, a lab based course which teaches animal use techniques, research protocol design and implementation.   She currently provides services in anesthesia, surgery and imaging for the CPAs core.  She is looking forward to growing with the department and helping researchers navigate their studies within the guidelines of animal use and care.

Lori May

Services offered:

  • Analysis assistance
  • Assay/Protocol Development
  • Assist in Preclinical Experiments
  • Conduct Pilot Preclinical Experiments
  • Consultation/Training Fee
  • Equipment education
  • Execution of Preclinical Experiments
  • Project development
  • Sample processing
  • Techniques education

Veterinary/Pre-clinical Analysis Equipment:

Port-X IV Portable Dental X-Ray System

The Portable X-ray system is a devices for photographing structures for accurate diagnosis.  This instrument provides high quality images that can be integrated with a mobile app while also reducing radiation exposure.  This x-ray system is portable and can easily by operated with one hand.

  • Easy to Use
  • Wireless
  • Mobile App
  • Light weight
  • Patient Management
  • Image Viewer
  • Direct Connection with Sensor
Panlab Infrared (IR) Actimeter


The Panlab (Infrared) Actimeter is an IR based system that allows the study of spontaneous locomotion activity in rodents.  The system is composed of a 2 dimensional square frame, frame support and controller.  Each frame contains 16×16 infrared beams for optimal subject detection.  Each frame can be used to evaluate general activity, locomotion movements or rearings and explorations.  The IR actimeter is compatible with mice and rats.